Morocco Adventure Tour Join us on your own motorcycle for an adventure of a life time to another Continent



I have been organising off road adventure tours to Morocco for over 20 years. Over this time I have built up a very large knowledge

of trails, culture and the way the country works.


Over the years I have been joined by adventure riders riding a mix of adventure bikes from the large BMW's & KTM's, 690's, 701's,

GS650's, CCM450, EXC 500 & 450's Fe501's WR450's Honda 250crf, 300 rally and a DR 400 & 350


Over the last couple of years the EXC 500 & FE 501's fitted with a 15lt fuel tank, soft throw over luggage, Seat Concept seat  and a small rally fairing  have been a very popular bike for many riders.The 500's perform great on the piste and trails and have the grunt to eat the road mile sections. 


To save the long road ride from the UK to Southen Spain and the worry of fitting new tyres in Spain before the ferry crossing to Morocco, we organise return transport for your motorcycle from the UK to Estepona in Southen Spain.

All you do is organise a flight from the UK to Malaga then you either use the bus service or a taxi to Estepona.


We meet in Estepona the day prior to leaving for Morocco, so you have plenty of time to pack and fuel your bike ready for the early start the following morning.



10 Day Tour Schedule


Day 1 Estepona to Chefchauen 

We leave Estepona at 06.30 and have a short road ride to Algeciras port for the 08.00 ferry to Tanger Med ferry port in Morocco. Once we have disembarked the ferry we then have to clear Moroccon customs and border control.  If you have not visted Morocco before this may seem chaotic but don't worry its quite straight forward you just have to wait your turn and go with the flow remember this is Africa and its all part of the adventure. You are now in Africa, before leaving the port we can buy insurance and change money. After we exit the port we have a very short road ride 10 mins before we head for the first trails and back roads through the hills to Tetouan. From here we head for the Meditterean Coast for lunch. After lunch we ride the coast road to the next trail, this trail takes us inland across the top of the Riff moutains to the blue city Chefchaouen and our hotel for the night.


Day 2 Chefchauen to Azrou

We leave the the hotel 08.30 taking a short road section to refuel and then head for little used trails through the Riff Mountains.  The trails follow an old goat Shepperds path through small villages winding its way to the top of the valley.  From here we take a mountain road to meet the main road  just south of Quezzane. Here we can refuel and have lunch before taking the main road south to Ben Smime and our hotel for the night.


Day 3 Azrou to Midelt 

We leave the hotel at 08.30.  After a short road section through Azrou we refuel and head for the Mid Atlas mountains and fast flowing trail through the Cedar forest renowed for the Barbary Apes that live here. The Cedar trails take us to Boumia for lunch. After lunch you see the landscape change from forest and green arable valleys to a much more arid landscape. We ride minor roads and trails to the start of the Cirque de Jaaffar Piste, The long piste follows a route round the mountain to the Midelt and our hotel for the night.  Midelt is the gateway between the Middle and High Atlas mountain Ranges to the Sahra desert.


Day 4 Midelt to Merzouga

Long days riding where you will feel the temperature rise and a feeling of real remoteness as we drop further south towards the Sahara Desert 

Leave hotel 08.00 refuel and take the main road south.  You will see the the High Atlas Mountains rise before you as the road twists and turns through mountain passes to Er-Rich where we have a quick stop for fuel and coffee before heading east on the desert highway to the start of a desert piste. This piste has little traffic nowadays and is nothing more than a narrow footpath in places, it winds its way through wadies and craters across the Oriental Draa-Tafilalet before we reach Beni Tajjite where we turn right and head for another desert highway. We ride the highway for a short distance taking care to avoid the washed out bridges that are only marked with a few large rocks laid across the road and very difficult to see if it's windy and the dust is blowing.  We leave the desert highway for another piste with a steep technical climb. This is then followed by a rocky steep stepped descent that leads on to a fast straight section.  Be careful for the deep whoops.

When we arrive at the the main road we head for Boudenib to refuel. If the fuel station is empty of fuel, which happens quite regularly, hopefully we will be able to find a friendly local in town who will sell us fuel. In Boudenib we can also grab a late lunch, normally fresh bread and a tin of Tuna or Sardines to make a sandwich and more importantly buy bottles of water. From Boudenib we head out into the desert ( RIDE THIS PISTE WITH EXSTREAM CAUTION) this piste is also quite technical with deep sand and tight wadies.  As you climb out of some of the wadies there may be a row of stones across the track to warn you of a vertical decent directly in front of you!  This piste takes you very close to the disputed border with Algeria, take a wrong turn and you cross the border without knowing it!  Just another hazard to think about as you ride.  When we arrive at the main road we turn left and head for the bustling desert town Erfoud where we refuel grab a cold bottle of coke and head for our hotel on the edge of the big sand dunes just south of Ergg Chebbi.  Hopefully we will arrive at the hotel early evening with time to relax by the pool before a well earned supper.


Day 5 Merzouga

We are staying in Merzouga for two nights.

Semi rest day.  After a late breakfast 09.00 we will check the bikes over after the last few days hard riding, then head out for the dunes so you can have a go at dune riding. You will get exhausted very quickly and the heat will drain you of energy extremely quickly. (Very important your hydration pack is full of water and salts)  We will follow the dunes up to Erg Chebbi.  From here we take a piste and deset highway to Rissani and on to the Gara Medouar.  This is a very  large round crater in the desert that the Portuguese used to imprison slaves from Sub Sahra before tranporting them to Europe .  The crater was also used as a film set in the Bond movie Spectre and the horror movie The Mummy.  We then head back to the Merzouga village for a late lunch.  You can have a look round the village or head back to the hotel to chill out.


Day 6 Merzouga to Zagora

This is a very long days riding experiencing some of the piste used in the Dakar Rally back in the day.

It is extremely important that you are carrying as much water as possible.

In October 2017 I drank 12lt of fluids during this day.  Breakfast 06.00 on bikes and ready to leave 06.30.  The reason for the early start is so we can arrive at our lunch stop by midday and avoid the sun at the hottest part of the day 40 plus degrees!  As you see the sunrise you will also feel the temperature rising.  We then take the Desert highway and piste to Rissani to refuel.  Then we take a minor road to join the desert piste heading west.  To begin with, the piste skirts round some small villages.  As we head out into the desert it soon becomes very remote, in places the piste just disappears and moves, this is due to the fesh-fesh, very fine sand which has been blown by the wind and covers the piste.  You will see vehicle tracks going in all directions where the drivers try to navigate back on to the correct route.  Some of the piste can be ridden at a very high speed, but you need to be careful and look out for the hidden whoops and patches of deep fesh- fesh.  If you hit this at high speed and trottle off, the bike will sink and throw you off with the probability of broken ribs or wrist.  As you head deeper into the desert ahead of you, you will see a range of mountains with a gap in the middle.  The gap draws you in as it looks like that is the direction you should be heading, when really you should be heading in a north westerly direction avoiding the mountains.  We will arive in a small village Tazoulait at midday.  On the edge of the village there is a very good Auberge owned by a Berber family who will cook a very good lunch for us, we can also shelter from the midday heat.  From the Auberge we will take the longer more technical piste towards Mhamid.  This piste now has little use as most people take the faster and less technical piste directly to Zagora.  On the piste there is a long rocky section know as puncture alley.  This piste also goes very close to the border with Algeria.  We will pass through two military checkpoints.  At the first checkpoint we will have to hand our passports to the guards who will take them to the hut.  This normally takes about 30 minutes.  After the check point there is a steep rocky climb into the mountains with big drop offs.  When we reach the top you can see the Draa Valley. The descent into the valley is steep.  We will then arrive at the second military checkpoint.  This is normlly very quick as the guard only looks at the lead riders passport. From the second checkpoint it is only a short distance to the road.  At the road we head north to Zagora and hotel arriving early evening.


Day 7 Zagora 

Rest Day You Will Need It!

Zagora is a large old desert trading town steeped in history and is 52 days by camel across the desert to Timbuktu

After a late breakfast I normally take my bike into town, where there is a very good garage. I use the garage facilities to do an oil and filter change, clean chain and check bike over.  I also fuel bike ready for the following  morning, then back to the hotel to chill by the pool for the rest of day


Day 8 Zagora to Tinghir 

Today we start the long journey north

We leave the hotel 08.00 and take a very short road section before joining the piste heading north.  The piste skirts a few villages and is quite straight until it winds its way into the mountains and becomes more technical.  The piste then descends to the main road.  We have a short road section before joining a piste heading north through a hidden valley and high into the moutains. The piste is criss crossed by a number of haul roads leading to mines and the piste can be difficult to follow in places.  There are a number of small villages on the piste and a very good Berber Auberge for lunch. The piste meets the main road at Skoura from here we head for Boumalne Dades and hotel.


Day 9 Tinhir to Meknes 

We leave the hotel at 07.30 and make our way into the Toudra Gorge.  This is a large canyon on the eastern edge of the High Atlas Mountain Range.  At the top end of the Gorge we pick up a piste heading west to the Dades Gorge where we then turn north and follow a piste up a very rocky river bed, having to pick our way, as the piste gets washed away when the snow melts and  the heavy rains fall in the High Atlas and flows down the river.  We follow the piste for 25 miles to Agoudal.  From Agoudal we ride minor roads and a fast graded piste the highest pass in Morocco to Imilchil.  From here we take a mountain road through the High Atlas to El Ksiba to join the main road to Meknes.


Day 10 Meknes to Tanger Med Port

We leave the hotel 08.30 taking the main road and Mway north 230 miles to Tanger Med port and ferry back to Spain


For 2023 we have two Morocco Adventure Tours Planned 

February Fully Booked 

October 6 available

The cost is £2,500 and includes the following:

Return transport of your motorcycle from UK to Spain

10 Days guiding in Morocco

B&B accomodation in Morocco for 9 nights in a shared room, if you would prefer your own room the single supplement is an additional £495.00

The accomodation is in traditional Morccan style hotels that serve great food and are very clean.  Rooms are ensuite and some of the hotels have swimming pool.

4x4 Back up vehicle to transport your luggage 



NOT INCLUDED in the price is as follows:

Your return flight to Malaga 

Return Ferry from Spain to Morocco

Fuel for your bike

Meals and Drinks apart from breakfast

Travel Insurance

Insurance for you and your bike whilst riding in Morocco.  Some UK insurance Companies will not issue a green card for Morocco.  If this is the case you can purchase third party cover in Tanger Med Port


The ideal bike for this trip is an Adventure / Enduro Motorcycle with a safari long range fuel tank up to 800cc


Adventure tour group size is 6 to 8  riders maximum


Please contact us for more information



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